Packed tips


First Step


Fill out the Recycling Form followed by your complete address details.


Select Payment Method (Your preferred way of getting paid, Paypal or Bank Transfer).

1. For Bank Transfer, please provide the below information:Bank name, Bank Address, SWIFT Code, IBAN account number and ABA routing, so that you can receive the payment without any delay.


2. For Paypal,please provide the Account Holder’s name and Email Address. Please put the exact number of Broken LCD Screens you ship to us. Press “Submit”



Second Step

Get all the Broken LCD Screens packed and shipped to us.


How to Pack Broken LCD Screens

1. Place LCD Screens Face to Face


Every pair of screens should be placed face to face in order to protect the digitizers and save space.

place the lcd screens face to face


2. Screen Pairs Back to Back


After screens are paired face to face, arrange each pair of screens back to back as shown in the below pic.

screen the pairs of screens back to back.jpg


3. Array Screens in Sets of 10


Package 5 pair of screens together to make a bundle of 10. These screens should be set face to face and back to back in a set of 10 at most. Packing bundles of more than 10 will increase the risk of damage to the digitizer during shipping.

secure the screens in bubble wrap


4. Secure Screens in Bubble Wrap

Secure each batch of 10 screens in bubble wrap or other soft, protective wrap to minimize therisk of damage during shipping.


5. Pack the Shipping Box


Take care to fill all space between each batch of screens with packing peanuts.

 pack the screens in the shipping box





1. Please recount all the LCD screens to ensure the exact quantity of every model.


2. Please pack all the LCDs as demonstrated, otherwise we'll not be responsible for any damage.



Third Step


Once the items get to us, we take ONLY 1 to 2 days to test each and every single piece.


We will then send you a report based on how many are actually good, functioning, recyclable LCDs.


As soon as that’s cleared up, we will give you payment as you prefered.



If any question, please contact us freely!


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