According to the Nikkei Asian Review reports, Apple has informed its supply chain vendors, all the iPhone will switch to OLED screen in 2018.

Reported that in 2017, iPhone will be the part of the first import the OLED, and before the news that Apple next year will be used on at least an iPhone OLED, and perhaps even curved surface screen version.

In order to compete for this super order, Samsung Display, LG Display, Japan Display (JDI) three panel giants are aggressively courted Apple, at the same time to extend the OLED production capacity.

Samsung this year will invest 8 trillion won, the capacity of the OLED to expand by 50%, which has the capability of annual output of 500 million the OLED panel. Samsung shipped 320 million smartphones in 2015, so the OLED panel capacity must win enough external orders.

LG plans in the next few years out of 10 trillion won, improve the production ability of mobile phone, TV, OLED panel, JDI is planning the next year, 50 billion yen, starts the new OLED production line.

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