When the 2018 iPad Pro was officially released last month, consumers complained on social media that their devices were slightly bent during use. Now, Apple has confirmed to The Verge that some of the iPad Pro’s aluminum body is slightly curved, but the company doesn’t think it’s a defect.

According to The Verge, Apple has confirmed that it has a very slight bending condition on the aluminum body of some iPad Pros introduced in 2018. But the company said that this is a side effect of the iPad production process, will not deteriorate over time, and will not negatively impact the performance of the flagship iPad in any practical way.

Apple said the bend appeared on the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models of the new 20-year-old iPad Pro because of the cooling process involved in the metal and plastic parts of the iPad Pro during production. Apple told The Verge that this bend is not considered a defect.

The Verge website said that in the Apple Store, users who want to change or return the iPad Pro are “should not have any trouble”, but this may only apply to those who are still within the scope of Apple’s return device. For devices that are not considered manufacturing defects, Apple usually does not change, so it is unclear whether the bent iPad Pro can be replaced outside the return period.

Previously, the iPhone 6 Plus’s “curved” controversy sparked a strong consumer protest. Considering people’s concerns about similar issues with the iPad Pro, Apple tried to reassure consumers that it was not going to deteriorate over time. Manufacturing problem. Despite this, many iPad Pro users may be dissatisfied with the slight appearance and functional issues caused by the bending of the fuselage.

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