Do you have some iPhone broken-glass LCD screens? or iPhone logic boards? or used iPhone that you don’t wanna continue using? No problem,  LCDONE can buy back these, and give you the highest price!

Why choose LCDONE?
LCDONE, a high tech company providing OEM & High Copy quality iPhone LCD Display Wholesale, iPhone LCD Refurbishing and iPhone&Samsung LCD Recycling. Factory located in China Mainland, offices in the Tennessee USA, Sheffield UK and Hongkong. We have nearly 5 years of experience in the LCD Recycling and Refurbishing market! The LCD market is volatile, but we do research every day to make sure you get the highest payment.

How we Recycling?
1. We provide a free Shipping Label, you can request and fill out it below;
2. Once you review and accept your quote, one of our sales will contact you with 24 hours via phone or e-mail;
3. You can ship your items to our USA or HONGKONG office, both of them have professional equipments and testing personnels;
4. Once the items get to us, we take ONLY 1 to 2 days to test;
5. We then send you a report based on how many are actually good, functioning, recyclable;
6. As soon as that’s cleared up, we give you payment in any method you like;
7. The entire process takes between 1-5 business days from the day we receive your items. Rest assured, 99% of transactions are completed within the guaranteed time frame;
8. You also can contact our sales for more details;

LCDONE buy back your iPhone broken-glass LCD screens:

Ready for selling your iPhone broken-glass LCD screens? Fill out this Free Shipping Label form;

LCDONE buy back your iPhone logic boards:

Ready for selling your iPhone logic boards? Fill out this Free Shipping Label form;

LCDONE buy back your Used iPhone:

Ready for selling your used iPhone ? Fill out this Free Shipping Label form;

We have thousands of customers across the world and we offer multiple options to serve your needs.

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