Two weeks ago, some iPhone users found that the iPhone connection carrier failed after updating the iOS 12.1.1 system, making it impossible to use mobile data. This connection problem seems to affect iPhone users in different countries and affect different devices in different ways.

At the time, many media reported that Apple would solve this problem in a new update. Last week, Apple released an iOS 12.1.2 update, which stated “Resolved issues that could affect the cellular mobile connectivity of iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in Turkey.” However, this issue does not seem to be properly resolved.

According to Forbes, the iOS 12.1.2 system brings new connectivity issues to users of different iPhone models in multiple countries. A Twitter user named @kevbrush in Miami said he couldn’t use mobile data after installing iOS 12.1.2. The user tried to reset the network and the phone, but it didn’t help. He also tried re-inserting his SIM card, but his phone still can’t receive mobile data. In addition, an iPhone user in Ireland also said on Twitter that after upgrading the iPhone 7 to the latest iOS version, her phone showed “no service” and could not connect to the carrier.

Similar reports come from all over the world, and the issue of iOS 12.1.2 causing devices to be unable to use mobile data is not limited to the 2018 iPhone model. From the current situation, iPhone users in the United States may be affected more. Ironically, in addition to responding to the Chinese iPhone ban, Apple’s hastily launched iOS 12.1.2 in part to fix similar connectivity issues in Turkey.

It is worth mentioning that iOS 12.1.2 was officially pushed to users after only a beta test. Apple is likely to post the content originally planned for iOS 12.1.2 to iOS 12.1.3. Currently, Apple has released iOS 12.1.3 beta, and this connection issue may be resolved in the new system.

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