Speaking of iOS jailbreak, you will definitely think of the Cydia store, which allows jailbroken users to purchase cracked resources and applications to customize the iPhone. With the continuous improvement of the iOS system, there is less and less information about jailbreaking. Now, this Cydia store is coming to an end.

Some time ago, Cydia’s father, Saurik, announced a message to close the Cydia payment system in a Reddit post. He said that the Cydia store has had little revenue for a long time, and the store has recently had a bug that could pose a risk to users. Saurik said: “The truth is, I want to completely shut down the Cydia store before the end of the year, and I am considering the time ahead after receiving the vulnerability report. This service makes me lose money, and I have no enthusiasm to maintain it.” Say, there will be a more formal post next week, with more details about the future of the Cydia store.

Obviously, Saurik thinks the Cydia store is not worth the cost of maintaining it. Currently, the purchase option on Cydia has been disabled, which means that users can no longer purchase items from the Cydia store. It should be noted that Cydia itself still exists, but the payment system will no longer be in service. Jailbreak users can still download past purchases and make purchases from third-party sources.

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