“Hi Coco, why do your iPhone lcd screens are so expensive? For OEM iPhone 6 screens, just $30/pcs from US location.” One guy text me and complain about our screens price today. But after i told the difference, he is very happy to get our screens.

Please don’t let the term OEM fool you! $30/pcs for OEM iPhone 6? Those screens must be with a Chinese knockoff LCD and cheap low grade glass, but it’s sold as OEM. As we buy cracked OEM iPhone 6 for $30.

How do you know if OEM iPhone 6 lcd screens?

Are there Apple logos on both the LCD screen flex and digitizer’s flex cables? If there are, then congratulations! You have 100% OEM iPhone 6 LCD screens and digitizer assembly.

About the glass, not original glass from us, but almost as gorilla glass, quality as good as Apple glass, it’s more tough and resistant to cracking.

Any more questions,why not try samples first, DHL free shipping.

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