Today,an email sent to our customer service Jessica, describes a miserable story about doing iPhone LCD refurbishing.

“Jessica, my name is Melissa,I received an email from you stating that you do iPhone LCD refurbishing. This is my past refurbishing experiences.

In September,I sent my iPhone LCD screens to a company in California to be refurbished and the first time was great. Sent them a another follow-up order and they said they no longer did iPhone LCD refurbishing and it took several weeks to get my screens back from them. I found another company in Californian who said they would happily do my LCD’s, so I reshipped them back to Cali and they never picked them up from the post office. They were delivered at the post office because their business was closed, and after several attempts a notice was left for them to pick the screens up there. After several calls to them from me, pleading to them to pick my screens up, I received assurances that they would. However, over a month later they never did and finally after contacted the post office I was able to have them reship my screens back to me.

I contacted another company in Florida who said they refurbished screens. After several conversations of the phones, they put my concerns aside and told me they would have my product back to me after 7-10 days. I spoke to them at the beginning of January. It is February 25th and I have still not received my LCD’s. All communication has stopped with them, they do not answer calls from they’re business nor answer emails for the past month.”

obviously,the customer Melissa is very worried about encountered before, but when Jessica showed our LCDONE customers’ refurbishing records, Melissa is considering to give it a try.

LCDONE is a stable high-tech company providing iPhone LCD recycling,iPhone LCD refurbishing and iPhone LCD replacement, whose headquarter located in New York,factory in China.

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