In the past few years, wireless charging has always been a very hot topic in the field of smart phones, most smartphone manufacturers are steadily moving forward, making this feature a mobile phone standard, and strive to make it faster.

However, due to the limitations of the existing technology, mobile phone manufacturers can not use the metal case of smart phone products to achieve wireless sensor charging, so manufacturers have to use the glass back panel, such as Apple’s latest iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

The glass back panel looks very nice, it is very shiny and feels very good, but at the same time it is also a fingerprint collector, and when you sweat, the glass panel may make you feel uncomfortable. Of course, there is another very important factor, that is, the durability of glass panels is not as good as metal.

We have shared some of the technology media for the iPhone 8 for the drop test, although Apple claims that the iPhone 8 glass panel is the most robust smart phone products, but from the results, its critical height of about 1 to 1.2 meters , Beyond this height, the glass panel will be broken.

To iPhone 8 Plus, for example, in the absence of AppleCare + service, then, this phone glass panel rupture need to pay maintenance costs up to $494. So, not everyone likes glass panels.

In addition, according to a foreign media PhoneArena a survey results show that 61.68% of users said they do not want the glass panel, even if this will lose the wireless charging function. 16.98% of users think that the glass panel is very good. 21.34% of the remaining users believe that the arrival of the wireless charging function to make the glass panel can be tolerated.

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