The iPhone 6 display screen, can be divided into three layers, the first layer called glass screen on the outside, the other two layers generally referred to as the inside screen, including touch screen and LCD screen. The inside and outside screen is together, cannot be separated by hand, need to use the factory equipment and technology level. Work environment must be well protected against dust, anti-static, need cutting machine screen separation of inside and outside, still need the new pressure screen machine screen and screen agglutination.

To most of the friends, when iPhone display screens broken, maybe only the outside glass screen broken, the inside LCD and touch screen is working normal.

So how to distinguish the iPhone LCD working normally? Check whether iPhone touch screen sensitive, look at the display for flower screen (mainly in cylindrical stripes), presence of color (red or purple at most). If not, congratulations, fractured just display screen on the outside, and inside the lcd screen is working normal.

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