As we know,iPhone screen broken very vexed, so we should take to protect the screen, then raises a question, how to better protect the iPhone screen?

LCDONE below to share with you some avoid the iPhone screen broken tips, not just put one protective film to the screen, some details need to be careful attention to in our life:

  • Tip1. many people like to lie on the bed, playing with the iPhone, but you should pay attention to, when you decide to go to bed when it is best to iPhone aside, don’t leave too close together, also don’t put it on the pillow.
  • Tip2. don’t put iPhone with the key, all kinds of CARDS in a pocket, this is not good for card and iPhone. Key is very hard, don’t be careful is easy to scratch the iPhone screen.
  • Tip3. keep the iPhone away from rain, fog, so the iPhone screen and chip is bad.
  • Tip4. the iPhone screen is very afraid of conductive media such as oil and sweat, will make the iPhone screen appears no response or touch screen, should be to dry its as soon as possible.
  • Tip5. try to avoid make the iPhone and speakers or other close contact with magnetic items. After a long time can cause permanent failure.
  • Tip6. a while use detergent to clean iPhone screens, avoid dust into the inside the iPhone.This will make your screen more clearly.
  • Tip7. regular maintenance, only the daily maintenance, so that the iPhone can use longer.
  • Tip8. the protective film and tempered glass screen is also very important, can prevent accidental wear and scratches.

Above is LCDONE sorting out some of the iPhone screen saver tip, in order to avoid the tragedy of the iPhone screen broken, use daily attention also should be some.

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