For a long time in the past, secret news from the Taiwanese supply chain, Apple is developing Micro LED displays. Today, this rumor was confirmed by Bloomberg. In a report on March 19, Bloomberg stated that Apple has a secret factory in Santa Clara, California, and is developing its own designed Micro LED display in order to supplant Samsung’s OLED screen.

In fact, Apple had long hoped that other manufacturers could supplant Samsung’s position. For example, they had invested billions of dollars in LG Display to support LG in developing its own OLED products. Not long ago, LG Display also announced that this year’s iPhone X Plus will have May be equipped with their OLED screen.

However, LG Display is not enough. It is said that Apple and BOE(a Chinese display manufacturer) have had contact. Of course, the independent development of this road is also one of Apple’s plans. After all, they have had too many precedents for success.

Some friends may not know what the Micro LED is. The full name of the OLED is Organic Light Emitting Diode. The luminescent material used is organic, so it has defects in stability and service life. The Micro LED is an inorganic phosphor. Like the LED we usually see, we can regard the Mircro LED as a mini outdoor LED billboard. It has a long life, good stability, power saving, brighter and lighter.

The industry now believes that Mircro LEDs will supplant OLEDs in the future, just as OLEDs supplant LCDs. In fact, when Apple acquired MicroLED company LuxVue in 2014, it already indicated that they would try this technology, but now it seems that the progress is not fast, Bloomberg believes that Apple may take two to three years to make the Mircro LED appear in Apple Watch, and the iPhone needs to wait another three to five years. So, like the pre-existing OLED, Apple Watch will be the first Apple product to adopt the Micro LED.

If Apple successfully leads Micro LED technology, not only does it mean that they have completed independent research and development in hot areas such as CPU, GPU, screen, etc., but also means that Apple can save a lot of money on the screen, and even get extra income.

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