You may have heard that carriers are starting to talk about 5G coming soon. Although no carrier has officially launched the 5G technology, but according to media Fast Company reports, Apple plans to introduce 5G technology into the iPhone in 2020.

High speed wireless mobile data 5g concept image

The report pointed out that Apple will use Intel’s 8161 5G modem, which is consistent with previous reports that Apple plans to abandon Qualcomm and use Intel as its only cellular modem provider. It is understood that Intel has been developing an 8060 modem that will be used for prototyping and testing of the 5G iPhone. The 8161 will be manufactured using Intel’s 10 nanometer process to increase transistor density, speed and efficiency.

However, Apple is not satisfied with the progress made by the Intel 8060 modem. According to sources at the Fast Company, this modem allows the internal thermal energy of the phone to be released above normal, so that the outside of the phone can feel the heat.

Another issue is battery life. Any form of heat can cause a reduction in battery life, as we saw in early 4G LTE phones. However, Intel said that these issues should be resolved quickly, and things are not serious enough for Apple to re-select Qualcomm, but Intel is worried that Apple may choose to cooperate with MediaTek.

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