Apple just released an update iOS 11.3.1 to resolve the issue of the unresponsiveness of the iPhone 8 screen after it was repaired by a third-party repair shop.

After the release of iOS 11.3, many iPhone 8 users said that their iPhone 8 screens did not recognize touch controls. After statistics, it was discovered that these users replaced the iPhone 8 screen in a third-party channel.

According to speculation, Apple upgraded the firmware of the screen driver chip in iOS 11.3, so that third-party maintenance companies must upgrade the chip when they replace the screen, otherwise iOS will not recognize this new screen.

A similar problem has occurred with the iPhone X. If the user replaces the light sensor or front camera at a third-party repair shop, functions such as Face ID will be disabled.

Due to the above incidents, many third-party repair companies have stopped repairing the relevant parts of iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Apple has not responded the issue for two weeks since the media was exposed , iOS 11.3.1 update is a preliminary solution. So if you meet this issue, just download the iOS 11.3.1 and update it!

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