People with older iPhones often wonder if they should be upgraded when new versions of iOS are available. The biggest concern for older iPhone users is that the need to keep older hardware up to date with the latest features may slow down or consume more power. For example, the iPhone 5s is the oldest iPhone model that can upgrade iOS 12, and the A7 processor-based mobile phone was released in 2013. The question is, should an old iPhone like iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 be upgraded to iOS 12?

Apple released the performance features of the system when it released iOS 12, including smoother animation, faster application startup speed and keyboard display speed. According to Apple’s statistics, in iOS 12, applications start up 40% faster, load twice as fast, and keyboards display 1.5 times faster than before. Activating the camera from the lock screen is also a key point for iOS 12, which Apple says is about 70% faster on the iPhone 6 Plus.

You may have seen many old iPhone models upgrade iOS 12 tests, such as CNET this week, once again tested some real-world scenarios on iPhone 5s running iOS 12, the results show that compared with iOS 11, iOS 12 Make iPhone 5s faster. In addition to opening the map at the same speed, iOS 12 opens applications such as Instagram, Mail, Safari, etc. faster than iOS 11, and the lock screen interface enters the camera and Siri responds faster. Here are some details of this test:

iOS 12 has a lot of features that can only be used on the new iPhone, and features such as Animoji, Memoji, AR app support don’t appear on older iPhones like the iPhone 5s. But CNET editor Patrick Holland emphasizes that new features such as the Do Not Disturb mode and screen usage time of the Control Center are also available on the iPhone 5s, the oldest iPhone model supported by iOS 12.

Patrick Holland also lists several notable new features that iOS 12 brings to the iPhone 5s, including notification grouping, Siri shortcuts, FaceTime voice group chat, custom control centers, and new battery usage charts. According to Patrick Holland, installing iOS 12 requires about 2GB of free space, but in addition, iPhone 5s upgrades iOS 12 basically does not require much thinking, this decision should not be so difficult, this system is a gift from Apple to iPhone 5s users.

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