According to the data collected by the data analysis company Mixpanel, the adoption rate of the iOS 11 operating system has reached 47% after the release to the public for more than three weeks, and successfully exceeded the iOS 10 system.

From the current data, iOS 11 system has been installed on 47% of the equipment, 46% of the equipment is installed iOS 10 system. In addition, still 6.7% of the devices continue to run iOS 9 or earlier system version. Compared with the same period last year, iOS 11 system spread much slower. iOS 10 system in just two weeks time more than iOS 9, and iOS 11 in two weeks time only installed on 38.5% of the equipment.

However, the adoption rate of the latest Apple operating system has been steadily rising. Within 24 hours, iOS 11 was installed on 10 percent of the device and was installed on a 25 percent device in a week, and the system’s two-week adoption increased to 38.5 percent mentioned above.

So far, Apple has released three small updates for the iOS 11 system to fix the official version of the release since the discovery of loopholes and problems. The latest iOS 11.0.3 has been pushed to the user yesterday, the update to repair the audio and touch feedback on some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices can not work properly, in addition, part of the iPhone 6s display due to the use of non-maintenance The original component caused by the touch input no response to the problem has also been resolved.

The first major upgrade to iOS 11 is in progress, and this update may cause users running iOS 10 to upgrade to iOS 11. iOS 11.1 introduces the new emoji emoticons, which is often popular with users and reintroduces a 3D Touch gesture that allows users to access the application switcher with one hand.

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