The new iPhone 8 will cancel the Home button, at the same time also will leave extra screen space to the virtual buttons.

According to foreign media AppleInsider news, in the next iPhone report predicts that added more details, full screen design will allow apple to integrate a “function”, this design had never appeared in the iPhone.

iPhone 8 may adopt 5.8 inch OLED screen surface, but iPhone 8 real effective display area is likely to be close to 5.15 inches, the rest at the bottom of the part will be used for system functions, such as virtual buttons.

Once cancelled Touch ID, iPhone 8 will integrate new biometric technology, to take over the equipment safety and Apple Pay responsibility for authentication, etc.

iPhone 8 price is expected to start from $1000. Rise in prices is due to its cost of production iPhone 7s than expected 50% to 60% higher than that of liquid crystal display model.

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