A user named Rocky Mohamad in Federal Way, Washington, USA, said that he had used the 10-month iPhone X exploded after upgrading the iOS 12.1 system. In response, Apple responded on Twitter that this is just a coincidence and is not necessarily related to iOS 12.1.

Media Gadgets360 interviewed Rocky Mohamad. Rocky Mohamad said that his iPhone X was purchased in January of this year and has been in normal use. When the iPhone X starts to update, plug in the data cable for charging. The cable and charger are original.

Rocky Mohamad said that after the update, he found that the phone was very hot. He quickly put the phone down, and then the iPhone X started to smoke, then caught fire and exploded. According to Rocky Mohamad, in addition to responding to this coincidence, Apple hopes that he can send the explosive iPhone X back so that the company can investigate the cause of the explosion.

In fact, this is not the first time we heard about the explosion of a mobile phone. In the past few years, many iPhones have experienced spontaneous combustion and explosion. In addition to Apple, other mobile phone brands have similar situations, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

However, we do not have to worry too much about the explosion or spontaneous combustion of our mobile phones. This is a small probability event. Try not to use the phone when it is charging, to avoid accidents when the phone is overheated, and choose to use the original charger and data cable.

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