Timothy Arcuri, an analyst of Cowen and Company, reported the next iPhone will be released in September, and will support the face or gesture recognition technology.

IPhone 8 facial recognition function will use laser sensor and infrared sensor cooperation near the front camera.

Previously, there have been reports that the iPhone 8 May contain more advanced biometric features, such as face recognition, or iris scans. In the last year, the samsung Note 7 are adopted more safety of iris recognition technology. The apples if add after facial recognition for the iPhone, with apple’s radical design for iPhone Touch ID fingerprint sensor is likely to be removed.

This means that to unlock the iPhone, the device will scan the user’s face, to enhance safety equipment. Face recognition is also likely to implement other functions on mobile phones, such as strengthen the function of show the camera. Report in the gesture recognition is a new rumour, through the function, the user can control their own equipment through the fingers, such as the increase or decrease the volume.At the same time, gesture recognition and face recognition is the first step to enhance the limited experience.

In addition, the report also confirm again of Arcuri apple will launch three new iPhone, in addition to the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone, will also have a built-in 5.8 inch OLED display of the iPhone 8.5.8 -inch iPhone 8 will use surface around the display screen, and will Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded under the glass screen. The iPhone 8 will support wireless charging function.

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