According to BGR, a few days ago, some Galaxy Note 8 users found that the phone was unable to charge and turn on after the battery was exhausted. Since then, Samsung acknowledged the issue and said only limited handsets were affected.

Reports of the issue surfaced for the first time in late December, but at that time the handset had been sold in stores for nearly a quarter. In other words, given that Samsung sold millions of devices in the three months prior to Christmas, we’ll hear it soon if this is a serious battery issue.

According to PCWelt reports, Samsung said: “Samsung is seriously dealing with such battery failures reported, we received only a small part of the charging management may be related to customer advice, unfortunately, we temporarily can not comment.”

It is unclear what caused this weird battery issue and how to fix it.

But if you are a Galaxy Note 8 user, you should make sure your data is always backed up. Unless you have completely depleted your phone and recharged and turned on again, it is impossible to know if your phone is in the same condition. So, the best bet is to charge your phone before it’s fully discharged, at least until Samsung gives more answers.

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