Recent news about the 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch iPhone X of 2018 is up and running, but no one can be sure if they look the same as the current iPhone X.

Today, Gordon Kelly from Forbes says he got the two most reliable sources of information on Apple, in 2018, iPhone’s product line will face in the most radical changes. The first is 6.1-inch version of iPhone X, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg said, and previous news, this iPhone X will be equipped with A12 processor, Face ID and 6.1-inch LCD screen, and the border is made of aluminum. The phone’s name may be iPhone X SE, the price will remain consistent with the iPhone 8, which is $699. However, due to the LCD screen, so there may be some changes in appearance. Below is the schematic that Concept Creator brings to us.

As for the iPhone X Plus, this 6.5-inch phone screen resolution will be as high as 2688 x 1242, code-named D33, and iPhone X2 code-named D32. In keeping with the stainless steel bezel, OLED screen and dual camera configuration, iPhone X Plus may also use eSIM card technology, that is, without providing more SIM card slot under the premise of virtual SIM technology to connect multiple mobile network.

In fact, Apple has been able to do not need physical SIM card, but once considered to abandon the SIM card will be strongly resisted by communication operators around the world, and Apple also will not completely using eSIM technology, but will retain a SIM card slot, but the use of eSIM technology to achieve the dual card dual standby function. According to Mark Gurman, the apple has not made the final decision.

Lastly, both Forbes and Bloomberg have already heard that Apple has already tested production of the 2018 iPhone X.

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