Many friends will be able to feel the charm of the face ID. But I believe there are a lot of friends will certainly have a question, is the face ID and Touch ID unlock the speed in the end who is faster?

Tom’s Guide is the first to get the iPhone X evaluation prototype of the media, and according to Tom’s Guide test results, Apple’s new face ID identification system to unlock the iPhone speed, slower than the Touch ID. Critics Mark Spoonauer used a stopwatch to test the face ID and Touch ID unlock speed.

On the iPhone X, it takes 1.2 seconds to use the face ID if you want to unlock and go to the main screen, click the side key, and use the sliding hand to unlock it. And in an iPhone 7 Plus, we use the Touch ID to unlock only 0.91 seconds. If you use the iPhone to lift the wake-up function, face ID takes time 1.16 seconds, still slower than the Touch ID.

Although the face ID unlock a little slower (but slow this time, you really can be aware of it), but in daily use, the face ID of the advantages or to be larger, while the face ID operation is more intuitive. For example, you want to open the notice directly in the lock screen, Touch ID need to click the same time, the finger moved to the Home button to complete the verification, which is two steps. And face ID can directly identify your face, pick up the phone click notice to remind you can directly into the. That is, using face ID is a seamless experience.

In the implementation of the task, the face ID is also more smooth and faster. Moreover, the current face ID is the first generation of technology, think of the first year of the first Touch ID it, its speed is relatively slow. Apple will certainly continue in the future to improve the face ID, its unlock speed if no accident, will be further improved.

Of course, in this process, we also need to re-adapt to the new way to unlock. Apple’s iPhone and iPad owners have been using Touch ID for the past few years. For many people, putting your finger on the Home button is instinctive. The use of face ID, in addition to the use of portable devices, automatic implementation of the operation, the iPhone did not enter the physical prerequisites, but I believe we will soon be able to adapt to the iPhone X many new modes of operation.

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