According to TheStreet reports, the current global use of the iPhone up to 715 million, and the number is still growing.

Last summer, Apple announced the sale of one billion iPhone. Since then, the momentum of the iPhone has not slowed down, the fourth quarter is still sold 78.3 million. And Montreal Bank of Canada analysts estimate that at present, the world is still using the iPhone up to 715 million, an increase of 20% over the previous year. He also believes that this year the figure will grow another 13% to 808 million.

Taking into account the much-anticipated iPhone 8 coming soon, why are these numbers not higher? That’s because many iPhone 8 buyers will have existing iPhone users. They are not new Apple users, but from the old equipment upgrade.

The increasing number of users is good news for the Apple service, which includes iTunes, iCloud, App Store and other products.

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