1.Let’s begin to disassemble the iPhone 4 byremoving the SIM card tray. Use the SIM cardejection tool or a paperclip to eject and removethe tray from the iPhone 4.

2.Remove the two pentalobe screws on either sideof the dock port connector with the iPhone 5-PointPentalobe screwdriver.

3.Grip the back cover of the phone and push upward about 1/8 of an inch to remove the back cover from the iPhone 4.

4.There is a cover over the battery connector. Todisconnect the cover, locate and remove the onePhillips screw (#00) that secures it in place.When the screw is removed, use the spudger togently pry up the connection releasing it from themotherboard.

5.To remove the battery, use the plastic openingtool and the pull-tab to pry the battery out of itslocation. It is secured by a small amount ofadhesive.

6.To begin the process of removing the motherboard from the iPhone, locate and remove the two Phillips screws (#00) that secure the speaker assembly’s connection into the iPhone 4. Next, peel back the ribbon cable.

7.Once you peel back the speaker assembly‘s ribboncable, one of two Phillips screws (#00) that need tobe removed will be revealed. Use the appropriatescrewdriver to remove both screws.You will also need to use the spudger to pry theplugged connection from the corner of themotherboard.

8.Remove the two Phillips screws (#00), located oneither side of the assembly, that secure the dockport into the iPhone.The ribbon cable for the home button has a lockingsocket. Flip the tab on the locking socket to releaseand remove the ribbon cable from the connection.

9.With the securing screws and ribbon cableremoved from the assembly, use the spudger to liftthe dock port assembly out of the bottom of theiPhone.

10.Locate and remove the seven Phillips screws(#00) that secure the connection plate and vibratemotor into the iPhone.You can now remove the vibrate motor from theiPhone 4.

11.With the screws removed from the connectionplate, use the tweezers to lift the protectionplate out of the iPhone 4.

12.A total of six connections need to be pried up fromthe motherboard. Use the tweezers to remove theconnections.With all of the connections lifted from themotherboard, pry the rear-facing camera out of itshousing and remove it from the iPhone 4.

13.Locate and remove the final two screws securingthe motherboard into the body of the iPhone.Remove the single Phillips screw (#00).Next, remove the standoff with a small flat heador slotted screwdriver.

14.At this point all connections and securing screwsare removed from the motherboard. Themotherboard is free, so remove the motherboardfrom of the iPhone 4.

15.There is a metal clip that secures the front-facingcamera into the iPhone. Use the tweezers to lift theclip from the iPhone.You can now remove the front-facing camera fromthe iPhone.

16.The earpiece speaker is secured with a smallamount of adhesive. Use the tweezers to lift theearpiece speaker out of the iPhone.

17.Locate and remove the four Phillips screws (#00)that secure the volume button assembly into theside of the iPhone.

18.A ribbon cable connects the headphone jack andvolume button assembly. When prying theheadphone jack out of it’s housing, be mindful ofthis connection because it can be easily damaged.With the headphone jack peeled from the phone,you will see the final Phillips screw (#00) thatneeds to be removed. Remove this screw to freethe entire assembly from the iPhone.Remove the headphone jack and volume buttonassembly from the iPhone 4.

19.Locate and remove the ten Phillips screws (#00)that secure the display assembly into the body ofthe iPhone.

20.The display assembly is free to be lifted from theiPhone. If necessary, utilize the plastic openingtool to pry the display away from the iPhone 4.

21.To remove the home button, use the tweezers tomaneuver the ribbon cable for the home buttonaway from the iPhone.You can now remove the home button from theiPhone 4.

22.Locate and remove the two Phillips screws (#00)that secure the power button into the top of theiPhone.

23.The power button is connected to a proxy sensorand microphone via ribbon cable, when removingthe assembly be cautious not to damage the ribboncable.You can now, carefully, remove the power buttonassembly from the iPhone 4.

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