Since iPhone 6 / 6 plus appeared on the market while popular with consumers, but the resulting ground display screen event, really let the consumers around the world be worried.

Because of iPhone 6 is 2.5d surface design, the screen glass feels better with a drop of water surface, but sacrificed the anti-throw performance at the same time.

It is more crucial iPhone 6 rear camera design is outstanding than the fuselage, flat on level table, is not smooth. This feature more increased the imbalance of iPhone 6 mobile phone fell down force.

iphone 6 rear camera

iphone 6 rear camera

The last place, the bane of iPhone 6 using the corning gorilla glass as the screen display on the outside. The glass performance is very good, very strongly pervious to light quality and intensity, key method didn’t cut with a knife. But too brittle just, gently touch is broken.

So iPhone 6 earned the world’s most fragile electronic products in 2014.

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