LCDONE, a high-tech company providing iPhone broken screens recycling, iPad broken screens recycling, Samsung broken screens recycling, Used iPhone recycling, Used iPad recycling, Used Apple Watch recycling, Used Samsung Phone recycling, iPhone logic boards recycling, iPad logic boards recycling, Samsung logic boards recycling, and Apple & Samsung LCD Screen Replacement, whose headquarter located in New York,factory in China. As our business grew we noticed that we were throwing away thousands and thousands of LCD screens. We are a company that really cares about recycling and helping the environment. We decided to do some research and see what we could do to reduce our carbon footprint as a company.Our research brought out the fact that there are usable parts on broken LCD screens and that they can be recycled.


Our factory is located in China, there are warehouse in USA, to serve the overall US market. Our business is targeted on expanding to the rest of the world. LCDONE platform provides clearly market price. The transaction procedures could be completed directly, 100% turnover, handled easily, standardized recovery, avoid disputes, and make sellseasier.

Each year, we work on one hundred million cell phones damaged parts so that the life cycle of consumer electronics products to be extended! LCDONE mobile digitalindustry is committed to promoting the use of environmentally friendly products to return to ring career, reducing the waste of resources and protecting the Green Earth! Though the process is not easy or cheap but we hope to have the opportunity to other repair shops like ours to make extra money and help the environment at the same time.